Cardiac Resource Center
October 2022  

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Cardiac Resource Center

Perhaps the largest undertaking of the foundation to date, the Cardiac Resource Center is comprised of both a community wellness center and an interactive online resource.

Nationally, someone dies of heart disease every 34 seconds. Each year, cardiovascular disease kills more citizens in North Carolina than cancer, AIDS, accidents, violence and alcohol abuse combined. This disease accounts for 1 out of every 4 deaths in our area.

The Center is designed to help individuals, locally, manage their cardiovascular disease risks through our 4 step A.M.E.S © approach.
  • ALERT: Awareness of risk factors, both genetic and lifestyle.
  • MEASURE: Individual risk assessment based on appropriate testing.
  • EDUCATE: Initial and ongoing education to keep individuals abreast of pertinent information.
  • SUPPORT: Resources, motivational tips and management tools to utilize in their individual risk management plan
This mitigation program empowers the individual to be an integral and active participant in their individual wellness plan.

The Center is available to clinicians and individuals at a community wide level, however, a core focus of the Center are the under served at risk populations in our community.
  • Uninsured: NC recently ranked 6th in the nation for number of people without Health Care. This translates to 19% of our State's population.
  • Minoritys: In North Carolina, Minority Males are 20% more likely to die of Heart Disease then White Males and Minority Women are 26% more likely to die of Heart Disease then White Women.
  • Children: More than one in four (26.5%) youth 12 to 18 years of age, one in five (22.8%) children 5 to 11 years of age, and one in eight (14.4%) preschool children 2 to 4 years of age are obese in North Carolina. Sixty percent of overweight children, 5 to 10 years of age, have at least one cardiovascular risk factor such as high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure or increased insulin level.
Educational and Resource Development

On-going community needs analysis
  • Gap assessment research
  • Community outreach pilot programs
  • Clinical trial participation
  • Targeted case studies
  • Surveys and sample polling
  • Medical Advisory Board & Associates forums and focus groups
Gap Bridging
  • Community wide awareness programs
  • Risk assessments and screenings
  • Distilled educational materials and guidelines
  • Education programs and support services for under served at risk population
  • Resource matching and referrals
  • Targeted Risk Mitigation programs
Delivery Channels
  • Educational Material distribution at area Doctor's offices, the Foundation Website, the automated Resource Center Call Line, and appropriate venues.
  • Floating and Permanent Wellness Centers providing:
    Exercise equipment, tools, guides
    Assistance obtaining and filling out prescription and health program forms
    On-site Clinical support
  • Speaker's and Instructor's Bureau
  • Educational class and screening scheduling, support and fulfillment
  • Patient wellness fund for emergent needs of at risks individuals

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